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Heroines Who Reclaim Their Narratives: Naima Simone’s Only for a Night

Content Warning: stillbirth. 

One of the many things I love about Romance novels is that a lot of the stories are about women reclaiming and reshaping their personal narrative into something that speaks of happiness, agency, and love. In Naima Simone’s Only for a Night, Harper has been widowed for two years and she’s mourning the loss of her child and husband, but most importantly, the loss of her own sense of self and worth to the years she gave to an unfulfilling marriage. So, like many heroines before her, she decides that even if her grief will probably always be there, she can do one thing that’s purely for herself, something she always wanted and never got: she can have amazing, hot sex. In order to do that, she seeks the help of a man she used to love when she was young, a man with whom she shares a lot of history, but who also happens to own a sex club or, as the novel puts it, “the hottest and most exclusive aphrodisiac club” which means that in this universe there are enough…